Accenture DBA Interview Questions

Hi guys, One of my friend shared dba questions asked in Accenture interview by interviewer.


  • What is the index, which purpose you have used it?
  • what is the diff b/w clustered and non-clustered?
  • can u create non-clustered index on clustered index column?
  • can u create non-clustered index on PK column?
  • how we can  create non-clustered index on pk column, because the PK has default Clustered, but i don't need clustered?
  • what is the diff b/w UK and PK?
  • how will store the index at inside the database?
  • What is the Optimization?
  • what are the Isolation levels?
  • How to check index already exist in db?
  • Wt is replication and types?


  • Diff b/w function and Procedure?
  • Explain us about all your projects? and roles and responsibilities?
  • What is the day-to-day activities?
  • if you hv 1crore table and two  1L tables, then wt is the best way to fetch data from three tables?
  • wt is the dynamic Sql? which type work u done in it?
  • if emp table has Empid(clus),"Fname,lname" as IXNC then select * from Emp where Fname='shiva' and Lname='N' gives u which type of indexes in execution plan?
  • if select * from Emp where Lname='N' and Fname='shiva' gives u which type of indexes in execution plan?
  • What is SQL Profiler, what is the use for DB developers?
  • What is the CPU time in Profiler? 
  • How u decided to which columns are good for clustered and which columns are Nonclustered?
  • What is diff b/w CPU time and Duration?
  • who are assining the tasks?
  • who will decide the index creation on perticular queries?
  • how will you finout which queries are slow in the Sp?
  • can u tell me the optimization technics?

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