DBA Points

  • A clustered index only reorganizes the data pages so that the rows are logically stored in clustered index order. The pages are not guaranteed to be ordered in physically
  • To use template scripts, goto view>Template Explorer. Select the template & select the script. To change values press ctrl+shift+M
  • Full outer Join not supported in MySql, but it could be emulated with join of Left Join & Right Join
  • Avoid table names & column names that contain spaces, keyword and symbols

  • Some SQL Best Practices :

      • Data & Log files in different drives
      • tempdb on different drive
      • Proper backup schedule with point in time recovery
      • Proper clean up plan
      • Health checks like integrity
      • Restore drill
      • Restricted access
      • Domain service account for sql services
      • Proper memory settings
      • Proactive monitoring
      • Data purging schedule if possible
      • Mail setup for notification
      • Error log configuration
      • Job history configuration
      • Alert
        • Disk space alert
        • Backup failure alert
        • Database files with threshold alert
        • Long running Job alert

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