Karvy DBA Interview Questions

Hi guys, One of my friend shared DBA questions asked in Karvy interview by interviewer.


  • insert into table values(empid,deptid), which type of lock works here?
  • diff b/w left join and inner join?
  • From below datatypes, which one is not possible to create index? int, bigint,varchar,varchar(max)


  • Empid,Passport,Pancard,Phno, then wt column you prefer for clustered index, and why?
  • query for delete duplicates using cte?
  • diff b/w proc and function?
  • diff b/w delete and truncate, why truncate is faster than delete?
  • diff b/w cte and view?
  • i have country name likes india,austrlia,other,.. then i need as a last option in drop down list.
  • how u can optimize the query?, process?
  • diff b/w sub query and co related sub query?


  • Tell me two ways to recompile Sp at runtime?
  • How many leaves you are taking at monthly?
  • How many times you are going to your native place monthly?
  • If you are working on client Specific, then u taken leave and u r at home, IF they have urgent task, then what is the your responce?
  • What is your goal actually?


  • why you changing the job in short period?
  • Can u join here for same salary?
  • What is the meaning of Pan card number?
  • How to restrict data except passwords and triggers?
  • What is the team size, and their all responsibilities?
  • Whay we need database programmers, front end persons also can write sps?
  • What is the your class room size, how is the class room environment?
  • why you are left the first company?
  • How to compare 5 years back sp with present same sp?


  • Grammer and prepositions
  • Spellings
  • Sentence Formation
  • Reason and Mental Ability
  •  one hostel has 400 members and available food for 12 days, if 80 members will increase then how many days we will supply the food?
  • if 2/3 in 1 minut, then full bucket in how many seconds?
  • coding with alphabets: TVXZ_.
  • Email writing: How to write email to client IF you are sales man?,
  • how to write mail to client IF you are facing problem with them?
  • How to write mail for leave?

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