Microsoft DBA Interview Questions

Hi guys, One of my friend shared  interview questions asked at Microsoft-
  • when sql server is not responding or not started what action will you take place?
  • What is the diff b\w 32 bit &64 bit sql server?
  • what is max memory in sql server?
  • How you resolve deadlocks? How will u to enable trace flag 1222,1204 ? if u found error in error log regarding deadlock occurred then how u resolve?
  • Diff b\w login & user?
  • when i am configure backup job is failed .how you resolve ? what are the steps u follow?
  • Types of recovery models?
  • why we didn't take transaction log backup in simple recovery model?
  • Suppose in my workstation i have 16 GB RAM...i have set max memory 8 GB then sql server uses remaining memory or not..if yes how?
  • What is the use of trace flag number -T3608?

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